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We at the Longford Vet at Crandara offer a full veterinary service for your loved Dogs and cats. We understand that healthy pets are happy pets and strive to make your pet King and offer the most caring loving attention for your cats and dogs.

Longford vet provides prompt veterinary care for your pet whenever you need us The Clinic is staffed by caring professionals In house Laboratory for skin and blood tests Latest Digital x ray system

We are here to help your pet have the very best quality of life possible by offering the right service and detailed management of your pets healthcare needs. We maintain the health of your pet whatever their age.

Puppies and kittens: Clinical exam, vaccinations, microchips, internal and external parasite treatment, discuss nutrition and insurance cover.

Adolescent to Young Adults (6 months – 15 months): Clinical Exam at 6 months including weight check, oral examination, skin and coat assessment and neutering advice. At 15 months, health examination and 1st booster vaccinations, parasite control advice, discuss weight, nutrition and exercise.Young dogs/ 6months free health check to discuss how your pup has matured normal and proper weight maintained

Mature Adults (Age 15 months – 8 years): Annual Health Examination including internal and external parasite control, weight check, oral examination, skin and coat assessment, nutrition discussion and booster vaccinations .

Senior Adults (8 years old and upwards): Annual Health Examination, booster vaccinations including internal and external parasite control, weight check and nutrition discussion. When pets reach 8 years, they are considered to be Seniors from a medical and nutritional perspective and we recommend a Senior Pet Health Examination including a blood screen at this stage. The objective is to screen for any sub clinical health issues and deal with them early.

Based at our clinic we meet the full range of Vet healthcare needs such as;

  Heath Check

Regular health and dental checks are beneficial and necessary for the continued good health of your pet. Animals age much faster than people, so an annual check up for your pet is like a person seeing a doctor every 5 to 7 years.

  Dietary checks

  Full Vaccination programs

Puppies and Kittens are given two vaccinations several weeks apart to help protect them from diseases like Parvovirus and Leukamia. A Booster vaccination is then given every year to keep their immunity levels high. City Vets also recommend a kennel cough vaccination for all dogs that come into close contact with other dogs.

  Dental and Oral Health

Dogs and Cats get their permanent teeth by about 7 months. Pets get one set of permanent teeth and that’s it. More that 75% of pets over 3 years old have dental problems due mainly to plaque and tartar accumulation causing inflamed gums or gingivitis. You will recognise this as a ‘bad breath’ caused by bacterial growth on the gums. Eventually this damages the gum and tooth attachments resulting in bone loss and loosening of the teeth. This stage is called Periodontal Disease. Inflamed and infected gums can cause systemic health problems too. Bacteria can get into the blood stream and move to other parts like the kidneys and heart for example. So, as a preventative measure, brushing is well worthwhile especially in small breed dogs and cats.

  Surgery and Hospital services

We perform a variety of surgery every weekday – from general soft tissue type surgery to the more complicated orthopaedic range of surgery.


We advise that all male and female, cats, dogs and rabbits should be neutered. There are several reasons:

• It reduces the risks of several cancers for example ovarian, prostate and testicular.

• For females it reduces the risks of unwanted pregnancies and life threatening womb infections.

• It reduces straying and wandering by highly sexed males or females in season.

We recommend neutering once your pet is six months old. At this age operating times are shorter and they recover more quickly. If your bitch is in season (has been bleeding) then it is best advised to wait for 6-8 weeks until the season is over before spaying.

  Emergency Treatment and Care

We offer an emergency out-of-hours service. Please contact the clinic on (043) 334 6270 for the phone number of the emergency vet. An additional fee applies for this service.

  Full service pharmacy

  Pet Passports

Microchipping is a quick, simple and painless one off injection placing a tiny microchip in the scruff of the neck. If your pet should get lost the unique microchip number can be retrieved by a simple portable scanner and help reunite you and your pet. It is also an integral part of the pet passport scheme allowing your pet to travel abroad and return.

  Worms and Fleas

Dogs and cats pick up parasites very easily and it is most important for them to be wormed and de-fleaed on a regular basis.


We have a wide range of grooming options available, including microchipping, nail clipping, or a full bath and blow dry, so call in for a quick trim or get in touch to make an appointment so we can fit into even the busiest pet's schedule!

We provide special grooming services for puppies as well as your other furry friends. You're never far from our expert services!

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